To go preparádose for the well...
Potatoes fritas€3,80
Potatoes bravas to the cabrales€5,45
Empanadillas Home-made of beautiful€5,90
3 Units
Calluss of beef€10,50
Chorizos to the cider€9,95
Croquettes of eggplant€6,75
6 Units
Croquettes of ham€7,55
6 Units
Croquettes of cabrales€7,75
6 Units
Croquettes of the pirate€7,95
6 Units
Croquettes of chicken€6,00
6 Units
Fabada Asturian€12,50
Eggs with ham€5,75
Eggs with picadillo of chorizo€6,25
Eggs with morcilla and onion (Farm Torres)€6,25
Picadillo Of chorizo with cabrales and potato€10,75
Dish of cheese manchego€7,95
Dish of Iberian ham (acorn) 100x100€15,95
Leg of octopus to the brasa€14,95

Our torradas
Of anchovies fritos with pisto Asturian€7,90
Of cheese of sheep semicurado with quince and nuts€8,25
Of panceta ahumada with cabrales to the cider€8,75
Of Iberian ham of acorn€14,25
Table of Asturian cheeses€24,95
Cabrales, afuega'l pitu, goat and ahumado

Something more than K-chopos!
K-chopo Joe Burger€32,50€19,95
Mushrooms, panceta ahumada and chedar
K-chopo of cecina and cabrales€29,95€18,95
K-chopo of ham and cabrales€28,95€17,25
K-chopo of pork shoulder and cheese of goat€30,50€17,25
K-chopo of onion caramelizada and cheese of goat€27,75€16,25
K-chopo of ham serrano and cheese ahumado€25,75€15,75
Burger Of the cookery of the pirate€12,95
Burger astur€12,50
Burger K-chopo (300g) angus€12,95
Tall loin of NebraskaH.M. / S.P.
Txuletón Of blond galegaH.M. / S.P.
Txuletón angusH.M. / S.P.
Txuletón Old cowH.M. / S.P.
TomahawkH.M. / S.P.
Escalopa Of beef to the cabrales€10,95

They ask after our K-chopo of the month.
All our flesh are done to the oven Josper.
Preba Our K-chopo to the brasa.
They ask after our home-made desserts. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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