History of theCachopo

The first references on the cachopo Asturian collects them the doctor Gaspar Cultural centre, to first of the 18th century. His popularity produces in the decade of 1950, when the restaurant Pelayo of Oviedo incorporate them to the menu. 
The cachopo was an ancient dish and to spare known by the Asturian bourgeoisie of beginnings of the 20th century but his definite prestige does not arrive until finals of the fifty 
Or principles of the sixty thanks to the good do of some restaurants of Oviedo and Degree, fundamentally».

From this original form have arisen multiple variants of cachopos of fish, chicken or pig and fillers of seafood, cecina, mushrooms, peppers, cheeses, asparaguses, etc.

The origin of the term cachopo comes from of the similarity that these filetes empanados saved with the "cachopos", by his colour and big size, that is as they designate to the hollow chestnut trees in some zones of the Asturian mountain (of the Latin caccabum, container),whose rind used like container of big dimension to save tools of labranza.

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